Tech Centrum

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Who We Are

Tech-Centrum is an Information and Telecommunications industry consultancy and Internet and related services provider delivering high quality networks and client focused solutions in Africa and the United States.

Tech-Centrum Inc. USA, (“Tech-Centrum”) was founded on providing offsite data storage and disaster prevention. It is also involved in engineering and supporting communications solutions engineering and systems integration. In 2002, Tech-Centrum was formed to provide a Technology platform for the New Millenium Technologies Group (NMTI) in Maryland, USA and has since made significant investments in developing State-of-the-Art infrastructure to provide businesses with an array of technology solutions. Tech-Centrum operates today insdependent off its benefactors (NMTI and CPA Ventures Inc.).

Tech-Centrum Ghana, (“Tech-Centrum”) was registered in 2003 to provide Internet Services, Information and Communications solutions to businesses locally, off its Tech-Centrum USA advanced infrastructure and World Class Data Centre Services. Tech-Centrum leveraged on its skilled local expertise to provide its high net-worth customers the best of technologies, solutions and support for their efficient and cost effective business operations. Tech-Centrum Ghana has partnered with local operators providing advanced Technology skill transfer and critical ICT Solutions and related Services.

Over the past decade, we have developed a powerful technology infrastructure and a unique way to deliver complex applications to market. We are pioneers in several countries with VoIP solutions, E-presence and data storage/backup systems.

Tech-Centrum offers several customized solutions to its clients which include outsourcing of network infrastructure build and operations, server farming, collocation, hosting services, complex e-commerce web hosting, application hosting, outsourcing of LAN/ WAN management, communications infrastructure and VoIP solutions.

Tech-Centrum is dedicated to making networking simple, by providing fully managed collocated network systems and applications.

We offer full service hosting, dedicated hosting, comprehensive management services and disaster prevention solutions. Tech-Centrum currently provides several Business Solution Components that provide “shrink wrapped” managed applications for our customers.